Starting Point: The Bumpy Road to My Design Career (Abridged)

The super short summary version, until I feel like publishing the super long version.

This is a lovely sketch by one of the product designers at Udemy, fully utilizing my name as a pun.
As the good Doctor would say…

Quick Stats

Top 3 Challenges

I mean, yes, but also, really, no…

#1 No real-world experience

And so I did give 110%. Or maybe more.

#2 External constraints

We can’t all go at the speed of Dash, unfortunately.

#3 Staying positive

It helped to have some legit Jedi masters of design.

If I were to do this again…

Me after pretty much everyone I spoke to.

My completely shameless Spotify playlist that kept me going

Obviously, Hamilton made the list more than once, from not throwing away my shot to being non-stop.
I forgot how much I liked this song. Thank you, Fort Minor, because that’s legit.
And for all the times I wasn’t sure, I watched what is probably the most ridiculously epic self-anthem ever ala Disney.

Product designer, puzzling over UX. Crocheting in between. Tea at all times.