Addressing a common question I get from design students.

Hello, Robbin here. Let’s talk about that awkward topic of portfolios.

Organization makes you good at finding things


A Buzzfeed-style list of designers whose portfolios have gotten them the job

We’ve all been there before.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to explain the rules.

One of my (many) shelves of board games.

And it never really ends

I have learned all of my lessons from Michael Jordan and Space Jam.

Twenty-four hours well-spent on Netflix

ALL. THINGS. JUST. KEEP. GETTING. BETTER. (aka stories of iteration)

They know how to tell a story

Or, my three holiday wishes as a designer

Three months of learnings, post-Designlab, in the real world

The super short summary version, until I feel like publishing the super long version.

This is a lovely sketch by one of the product designers at Udemy, fully utilizing my name as a pun.

Robbin Arcega

Product designer, puzzling over UX. Crocheting in between. Tea at all times.

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